Email Marketing

Go straight to the inbox

Your customers are bombarded with commercial messages. Billboards, signs, television commercials, posters, radio spots…it seems there is no respite from the wild and wacky world of commercial messages.

What do you do to speak to your customers on a more personal level? How do you reach them in the comfort of their own home? The answer: email marketing.

The Power of the Written Word

Email is a powerful marketing tool, and used properly, can yield dramatic results. It’s a proven, cost-effective vehicle that gets your brand message across swiftly, seamlessly. It’s also amazingly versatile, opening up new opportunities to engage the audience. In fact, you don’t even have to push your brand in each and every message – you can use email as a communication channel to simply reach your audience, using it to keep your brand fresh in their mind while not being overtly ‘salesy.’

Email marketing allows you to derive more value from the content you create for your website, blog or newsletter. You can leverage the same content to promote your business through different mediums, ensuring maximum exposure. For instance, a single blog post can be used as an email blast to communicate your message to hundreds or even thousands of prospects and customers. You can even offer special discounts, announce new products or services, or just talk about the latest trends, news and information in your field. In a word, email marketing not only provides an affordable means to get in touch with your market, it also establishes your authority and credibility.

Platino Media’s Email Marketing Service

Platino Media can help you set up an email marketing campaign at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. We configure your email marketing campaigns in partnership with the most reputable solutions providers. What you get is a flexible and versatile marketing channel that always keeps your customers just a click away.

You can customize your email message with graphics, tables, charts, and links to outside sources, and choose from different settings that allow you to change the frequency of email blasts. Our backend provider also allows you to filter, add or remove email recipients whenever you want.

With Platino Media on your side, it’s time to fine-tune your email marketing campaign for fast, effective results.