Good enough isn’t good enough

That’s our credo at Platino Media. And that means your marketing materials are conceived by creative individuals with a knack for the awesome, and then executed impeccably by cutting-edge technologies.

Platino Media offers high-quality printing solutions to showcase your business in all its vibrant glory. Our top-of-the-line printers and equipment deliver unparalleled results, giving each print a life of its own. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor printing, we can deliver your message in style on a range of materials, including vinyl, textiles, paper and film.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics turn an otherwise flat surface into dynamic spaces centered on YOU. Define interior spaces with high-definition prints in vivid colors and ultra-smooth finishes that last up to 20 years.

At Platino Media, the execution is just as important as the ideation. Our 360-degrees of support encompass every aspect of your marketing efforts—from the proverbial drawing boards where our designers craft unique graphics that’s tailored to your brand, to the latest in printing technology that gives you sharp, vivid prints that outshine and outperform.

Vinyl Decals and Lettering

Decorate your business space with vinyl decals and lettering. Cut vinyl can be applied as sleek signage or lettering on walls, windows, building exteriors and vehicles. It’s versatility and applicability means vinyl can be used for yearlong promotional or branding, or temporarily for special projects. Our specialized vinyl cutters are able to make precision cuts, making each and every signage and lettering project perfect to the last detail.

We deal in colors…

…And green is just one of them. Our inks and recyclable materials are environmentally-friendly, so you just don’t look good, you DO good at the same time. Backed by a printing system renowned and awarded for its commitment to green, Platino Media promises high-quality prints that are as brilliant as environmentally-conscious.

Ad campaigns to interior decoration, our exceptional color durability promises long-lasting signage that’s just as vibrant on day 1 as day 100. And fast turnarounds come free of charge!

With low-cost, high-quality prints from Platino, it’s time to revamp your presence.