Vehicle Wraps

Roll with the Times

Vehicle wraps are more than just funky graphics slapped onto a truck or van. Properly executed, a vehicle wrap can deliver your brand message all over town. At Platino Media we can turn your business vehicle into a valuable media asset that takes your brand to the streets, grabbing attention and turning heads from stoplights to parking spots, all over the cityscape!

No matter the personality of your brand, or the position you want to occupy within your industry, vehicle graphics adds a dynamic layer of marketing to empower your brand. The efficacy of vehicle graphics has been the subject of numerous studies, and each time the results have been unanimous. According to research, 97 percent of respondents in a survey are able to recall the brand name and message on a vehicle wrap, and 96 percent say it delivers a more ‘in your face’ punch than does traditional outdoor advertising.

What in it for you?

Vehicle graphics are among the most potent of advertising forces. It’s affordable, durable, and most importantly, gives one of the lowest CPM (cost per impression) in the advertising industry. For a marketer, what this means is, vehicle wraps deliver more advertising mileage than most other traditional methods, such as print, billboards, television commercials and radio spots.

So how come everyone’s not doing it? It’s because not everyone is aware of the potency of this advertising medium. And that’s actually a good thing for smart, savvy business-owners. That’s because the less the number of vehicle graphics in the streets, the more a particular vehicle wrap will stand out. If you want to make the most of this powerful advertising tool, now’s the time. Because once everyone starts doing it, your message will get lost in the crowd.

Jump on the Bandwagon

If you want a low-cost alternative that promises and delivers the same marketing prowess as many of today’s more common advertising tools, Platino Media offers you top-of-the-line fleet graphics and vehicle wraps. Whether it’s a single business van or a fleet roaming the city streets, our vehicle graphics can take your brand where no other platform can.

Platino Media makes brilliant vehicle graphics a reality. Our in-house creative team designs stunning graphics that are immaculately created in our modern production facility. From conception to application, you get attention-grabbing designs printed in premium-quality material that protects your vehicle’s original paintwork while promoting your business all over town.